Falling into Good Health: Autumn Health Tips

Every season has a unique impact on health. Summer brings opportunities for fresh air and sunshine, but in some climates it also brings cruel heat. Winter forces us indoors in many areas of the world, but that gives us a chance to use all the exercise equipment we’ve bought and haven’t used. Where the seasons change, spring gives us a boost of energy when we are first able to go outside after long, cold winters, but we often have to deal with rain.

Good health in the fall means making a plan to get out and exercise.

Fight the hibernation feelings of fall! Get out and exercise, eat harvest foods and make a plan for a healthy winter.

Autumn, for a short time (depending on where you live), gives us clear skies, crisp temps perfect for exercise and a burst of energy to take advantage of good weather while it’s here. In places where it’s always cold or always warm, there’s still a sense of the year coming to a close and a need to settle in for winter. Autumn’s danger to good health is that the settling-in feeling often means less exercise, cozy-fattening foods, couch time and less sunshine. Here are a few good random tips for changing our health-busting fall habits.

Zumba Dance iPad App.  It’s a good idea to find fun exercise you can do indoors and have it ready when fall hits. Do it today! Download this Zumba Dance app for the iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zumba-dance/id623366709?mt=8. This crazy-fun app uses the camera on your iPad to read your body position and tell you if you are doing the steps correctly. Its hot Latin music makes you feel energetic just hearing it. Going through the app’s routines is fun enough you’ll WANT to do it when you think about it. So make sure you set reminders when it’s Zumba time! Don’t have an iPad? Look for a similar option for your tablet, laptop or desktop. Don’t like dance? Look for a running, exercise or martial arts app.

New clothes for “school.” Remember when your mom took you shopping for a new outfit or two before school started? It made you feel good about yourself when you went to school the first day, and even if you were nervous, you remember feeling excited and full of energy! You can trigger those same feelings and put them to use now that you’re an adult. Save up your money if you need to and allow yourself a shopping day. Get a new outfit to make you feel good and trigger happy autumn feelings. Consider choosing an exercise outfit—one more way to help you stay off the couch and keep moving even if your body says it’s time to hibernate.

Eat fresh food. Autumn is harvest time! That means tons of great fresh foods: squash, corn, watermelon, green beans, radishes, greens—you name it, you can find it. And soon you won’t be able to find some produce. So, take this opportunity to revel in fresh foods and, if needed, make a change in your eating habits. Then when winter sets in you’ll be less likely to resort to prepared foods that contain a lot of sugar, salt and preservatives. We’re fortunate to live in an era when it’s possible to get many fresh foods all year round, so you’ll still be able to find some in the winter. Use fall’s bounty to get your good eating habits jump started!

Begin a winter nutrition regimen. In addition to eating fresh fall foods, this is a great time to select and begin using nutritional supplements that will take you through a healthy winter. Be sure to check with your doctor and consider any health issues you are dealing with. Select a multi-vitamin that’s designed for your gender, era in life and general physical condition. You’ll find vitamins to help you fight winter depression. Don’t forget Vitamin C to fight colds and flus, Vitamin D to counteract a dearth of sun, and probiotics to assure a healthy gut and bolster good health during less active times of year.

If you find yourself winding down in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mood when fall begins, the most important thing you can do for yourself might be simply to have a plan, any plan, for coming cooler months. What do you usually struggle with when you see winter coming? Make a plan to defeat it! What do you love about fall? Make a plan to take advantage of it. Give yourself permission to fall into good health!


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